Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Our mentors are experienced professionals who have been providing relationship counselling and guidance for many years. To be selected they are assessed on these criteria:

1. Life and professional experience
2. Qualification and training
3. Interview

Further, counsellors are promoted on our tier system based on your feedback. 

In the field of counselling, reviews are very rare. Not only because it is private but also because clients feel uncomfortable writing bad reviews on someone who spent time trying to help them. It feels personal. The way we bypass that is by requesting you to write 20 seconds (!) feedback for admin use only.  We read the feedback carefully and we keep and promote the highest performing counsellors.

To get support for any relationship issue you deal with.  The support is accessible anytime and anywhere! Our counsellors can help you to:

  • Process thoughts and feelings to gain clarity and new perspectives
  • Deepen your understanding of yourself, your partner and your relationship
  • Problem solve issues.
  • Make a Decision 
  • Enrich knowledge and strengthen relationship skills 
  • Learn constructive ways to deal with conflicts

Once you connect with a mentor and feel a mutual trust, allow the relationship that you build to benefit you. As you share more, you allow a deeper understanding of your needs and you give your mentor a better chance to provide you with best possible service. Mentors usually think and consult about the issues of their clients so that much of the work is being done between the sessions. You need to keep in mind that a long-term relationship is to your advantage.

Let us match you with a counsellor. Meet our team on the Chat.

 Some private health funds may cover this kind of service but you will need to verify this with your provider. After payment, we will send you a receipt describing the service as “Online relationship counselling”.

The concession rate is at the discretion of the mentor. You will need to contact the mentor directly to ask for a concession.

To use the video conferencing system you will need to have a webcam and a good connection to the internet.

Learning from your feedback is a gold standard of our service. As soon as the session ends we will send you a link asking to evaluate your experience. It will take you 15-20 seconds to answer! 

If mentors don’t live up to the expected standards we terminate the contract with them. 

We are here to make sure you receive a good quality service. Your disappointment is our concern and we want to help. We don’t provide a refund but upon examination, we will decide whether to offer you a free or subsidized session with another mentor of your choice.